Life Lessons Formula 1 Style

Life lessons are everywhere.

Stepping into a 200mph car, there’s an almost fighter pilot mentality that you embrace, all your senses are in absolute focus.

“You need to respect the speed, but the second a driver has fear, you need to retire.”

In 2016, I had one of the best days of my life at YAS Marina F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi. Still brings a giant smile. So exhilarating!!

So many life lessons I have drawn from that day.

When you are at the edge, you are actually most alive because that is what you were created for.

You have to learn to trust, when everything inside you says you’re going to hit that wall lift lift lift off the accelerator now, this is the time to trust the aerodynamic and mechanical grip, this is the time to actually push harder, the faster you go, the more aero downforce, the more grip. In life, don’t back off, don’t shrink back, press harder on the accelerator and trust.

Roaring down the back straight, I first started braking about 180 meters out doing about 250 km/h and surprisingly easily made it through the sharp left-hand corner, I learned that I could actually brake 120 meters out which made no sense to my mind. Learn to know your braking points in life, they are often way beyond what you think. Look through the corners, where you look is where you go, even though you haven’t arrived at the corner, a good driver looks at the road after the corner instead of what is in front of the car, this makes your corner speed significantly higher and smoother. In life, rather than looking at what is in front of you, focus further down the road and the corners in life have a way of taking care of themselves.

The fastest drivers in the world do their fastest laps when they don’t think about driving. Sounds unbelievable, but study the greats like of Ayrton Senna. Drive without thinking, let your heart drive not your head, listen to your heart in life.

Do those things in life that bring you alive. You were created for an abundant, large life. Dream bigger, push harder and never look back. You will expand way beyond what you think you’re capable of.

Below is a video of an F1 driver around the track, so good 🙂