Warriors Wisdom – Stuart Wilde

Warriors Wisdom
Stuart Wilde

My Personal Notes

We here on this earth to get experiences

Love is a compassion for society, a compassion for yourself

Live detached

The world is here to keep you in the system

Need to pull out of the system, build up our energy then work to heal the world

The world needs healing, in financing, environment, pollutants

We first need to become strong

  1. Pulling away a little bit
  2. Becoming powerful
  3. Seeing your life as a heroic goal/quest
  4. Not been sucked in by what is going on around you

Your coconscious creates your reality, what you feel about yourself is what you pull to yourself

We can wrap and pack who we are

Move away from fear, limitations, restrictions,

Become incredibly fluid radiant being with acute perceptions (acute spiritual understanding of what is going on)

The more we can resonate our feelings out into the universal law in an uncluttered way, the more the spiritual law gives you back absolute clarity, the divine power of all things

You are a divine being (spirit) inside of a body, you came to the world with an image of what you here to do, to gain experiences

The worlds broken state gives us something to work on

We need to understand that we can’t understand the world

This is your opportunity to develop your power

The people of the world tend to drift

He wanted to make sure he had as much power as he can possibly muster as fast as possible

He found his perceptions increased dramatically of people and situations (heightened perception)

Heightened in all areas of life, like in finances rather than beating around in the marketplace it’s a fluid movement

Accept total responsibility for your life

Understand that the life force is reflecting back to you exactly what you put in

The first thing is the limitation of what we feel about ourselves

We are a product of our belief patterns, product of your feelings, conditioning, programming

We need to absolutely turn and face ourselves, this is the warriors way

Don’t be embarrassed by who you are or how far you have come or not come, just are just happy to look at your strengths and weaknesses and to work upon them

We adopt much programming, conditioning, beliefs from our parents

The name of the game is to begin to disengage from those belief patterns, it’s a matter of getting beyond our stuff and beyond our opinions

The opinions you have, the more beliefs you have, the more stuff you carry

Don’t believe in chance, we have the power to create whatever we want

Need to walk through this world in a measured, disciplined way and understand how to use power, this give us the ability to create our own destiny

Claim a life of love

You can’t get to a higher ground unless you pull out of where the people are

Physical body

 First and foremost, make your body strong


Linked to everything, begin to pull out of things, pull out of opinions, don’t be as involved as much,

When setting goals don’t put emotion into these goals, allow yourself to move fluidly towards them but you may end up elsewhere

Pick up whatever experience there is as you move along

There is no such thing as now; ie. If your feeling poor now, you are poor infinitely in all directions; if you want to be rich you need to resonate rich (have calm emotions to allow that divinity to come forward)

Electromagnetic Field – we all have this around us and its created through our feeling and the thoughts of our brain, need to get in line with the divinity, need to think infinitive

The Light is always shinning within you, trying to get the clouds out of the way

Clear Mentality

Don’t get too caught up in the facts and logic or get to mental

Life isn’t logical, energy isn’t logical, things don’t always work logically

Collect the facts but allow the spontaneity to become part of your lives

Be open, this is a way of pulling out

Read your bible, get freedom gems


Accept that the power and beauty in all things will sustain you, protect you and allow you to move fluidly on

Your strong energy

Infinite Overview of Life

Need a spiritual perception that doesn’t come from judgement, that doesn’t come from opinion

Accept and love others as we are accepted and loved, God doesn’t have an opinion about you, just loves you**

Come for a place of infinite love and acceptance

See your life as infinite

When you look at the complexity (relationships, financial arrangements, kids, business) of our lives you can see how difficult it is for the light force to shine through

Decomplicate your life, make it less complex, look at those things that are truly important for you and go for them

Know what is important

Choose those things that honour you, that are energetic for you, that are powerful for you

We all have many choices each day, we want to move toward, is this powerful, does this empower me, is this loving and fresh and open

We have this responsibility to find life of this laughter, of casualness, of fluidity

As you become aware of these choices you need to make, people are going to react, your journey through this life is nothing to do with anyone else

Move to a higher energy pattern

Don’t worry about what anyone things, you are on a higher plane, the only thing you need to worry about is respectful to other and being aligned with the divinity in all things

Most people life in variance which is the difference between what you really are and what you think you are (having an opinion of yourself)

The divinity inside of ourselves is real and can only come out of naturalness, holiness and moving towards this loving being that its creating for its self

The ego or persona will have a 1000 opinions about how much money you your supposed to earn, how good a lover your supposed to be, what kind of person you’re supposed to be, how intelligent you are, if you’re a good parent or not

The ego will always have a different opinion to what is real, especially in a person who has not worked upon their life

You will begin to make the real you and who you think you are one and the same

You will then come out of a naturalness of not having to explain things to people, of not being embarrassed, not worries about your decisions, you just are what you are

You are a child of this universe, you stand in front of this life force a child of this universe

You can’t be more than you are yet, you just are what you are, this is how you explain it to yourself

So many people are so far away from what is real their thought forms down allow them to have any power

Must avoid a fake lifestyle (live with your means, don’t try to be what you’re not)

If you haven’t got what you want you need to work upon yourself

The currency that describes your power is the time between you conceiving something and the time for it to arrive in your life.

Working upon yourself – an act of concentration, an act of loving yourself, accepting of yourself

You can’t give anything of significance to the world until you become powerful, and you are disciplined

Variance (important!!)

Variance is the difference between what is true, what is loving, what is real, what is inside of you and what you think about yourself

A common example of variance is when people are spending much more money than what is true in their life.

Another common example is the way we deal with time, we are living an eternal now (we a just moving from one concept of the eternal now to another concept of the eternal now, constantly in the now), but your ego likes to live in the future or past.

Your ego likes to live in the future. Eg. Next month or next year I’ll make more money. Next year, month, etc. I’ll do this or that or this or that will happen to me.

The reason your ego likes to live in the future is that it doesn’t have to do anything about it. Eg. Next year I’ll make some more money means that right now I can sit around and do nothing.

As you fanaticise about the future, it uses energy.

Anytime you say next month or year, etc. it means that it will never happen and the universal law knows this.

The way the life force works is that it reflects whatever is in your feelings right now, it can’t reflect to you a future self, as in many ways there isn’t a future self.

The ego also likes to live in the past. Eg. Do you remember the good old days? It always makes past look better than it really was.

The place the ego doesn’t like to live is now, what is real, what is true.

Any feeling that you can resonate inside of you becomes eternal. You have to resonate the desired feelings now (it’s a bit of a metaphysical fake it to you make it). Your mind won’t believe it, your feelings won’t believe it until you can begin to resonate it.

Concentrate on your strengths not your weaknesses, for by concentrating on your weaknesses makes you weaker. Eg. If your body is sick and you concentrate on the sickness you get sicker.

Constantly move towards what is power and what is freedom for me.

Important to become self-employed or a sub-contractor because if you give away your power to someone else, you to need to be careful (its fine while you are developing, learning and skilling as you are building your own self-reliance). Become financially independent.

Eternal Now

Am I having a nice time right now? Is this situation powerful and loving? Rather than worrying about the future.

As you move into the now, you move further out of variance.

I am what I am right now. I am eternal, I am infinite. I’m doing my best.

Everyone around you is doing the best they can.

I don’t see the poverty or difficulty in the world, all I see is this ever expanding beauty.

Focus on the strong parts, those things that make you happy, that make you feel beautiful, that make you feel cared for and loved, those parts that have meaning

Try for 30 days not to get any news information and see if you feel more peaceful


You need to figure out what you want, most of the world doesn’t know what they want.

You must be able to answer this question at all times. Imagine a supreme being showing up and asking what you want.

Know what you want in every moment.

What you put into the universal law will reflect back that.

You must be clear about what want.

As you put into the universal law what you want, it gives your back what you want. It’s really this simple.

Every one of us has the power to materialise everything that we ever want, actually more than what we want

Otherwise you are drifting


You have to begin to have all the aspects of your life in control, if your life is not in control you can begin to resonate feelings that say that your life is insecure, this situation is controlling me and I’m not controlling it

Go back into your life and lovingly look at and ask if you control this situation

There are times when you will grant control like driving in a car with someone

At any moment you want to ask the question; do I control this situation, am I imposing my contentiousness, my feelings, my transcendence into this that is creating a destiny that is my destiny?

Everything is designed to take the control and your power away from you

As you begin to take control back you can exercise control in your without infringing on other people

You constantly pull back

As you begin to establish a pattern of control then all those things which you ever wanted will become a part of your life

Stuart Wilde speaks on true power and how to maintain it in this often chaotic world so that we may move fluidly through life.