Jordan Peterson: ChatGPT & AI Warning

Please take 7 minutes to listen to watch this important video about the future of AI. What’s coming in AI “is almost unimaginable”.

I first started following OpenAI in 2019 with their breakthrough Multi-Agent Hide and Seek, and started testing their earlier versions of ChatGPT.

AI had a major break through in 2016 when the team from DeepMind beat the worlds #1 Go player (if you haven’t watched the documentary AlphaGo on YouTube, its worth a watch). OpenAI has built on the work of DeepMind and has been credited for many major AI milestones over the past five years.

With the creation of AI Large Learning Models (LLM’s), I know from inside sources that AI developers already have models that are training on EVERY video on YouTube, not just language but the graphic content as well.