AlphaGo – The Movie

In 2016 I keenly followed the groundbreaking development of Deepmind’s (Google owned company ) AI deep learning algorithms for the board game Go.

For those who haven’t heard of the 2500-year-old board game Go, to give some perspective around the complexity of Go, there are more possible Go board configurations then there are atoms in the known universe (around 10¹⁷⁴ configurations).

I highly recommend everyone watches this documentary to really understand where we are at regarding machine intelligence. Please note this was in 2016 and AI has moved many levels above this since then.

Additionally, with the pandemic seen in 2020, we are seeing a rapid further acceleration of AI, robotics and automation. I encourage everyone to make an effort to keep up with this, for those who don’t will be left behind. Right now we are going from the horse and cart to motor vehicle. Stay alert.

If you have kids, ensure they learn to code, please.

Tip: turn captions on to follow the Korean parts