Essentialism & Decluttering

I really like this concept. Taking time to strip back, throw away, delete crap you don’t need any more is a liberating feeling and is worth doing regularly.

Some Ideas

  • clean out the office
  • throw away old paper work
  • delete all that crap built up in Evernote or OneNote
  • clean out your bookmarks
  • strip away people who are negative or no longer belong in your life
  • strip back your business ideas
  • clean up your bank accounts
  • delete the dead weight from your email list
  • dump the products or services that don’t work or take up too much time
  • clean out the closet and give the close to charity
  • get rid of unused software subscriptions
  • clean out the fridge and pantry
  • clean out your body
  • clean out the garage
  • tidy up your bank accounts