Life Mate – Attract The Partner You Want

As a single guy who earnestly desires a life partner, I listened intently and took notes from the video below by Tony Robbins. Tony talks about the actual steps he took.


  • Getting really specific and clear what you want
  • Keep thinking about it
  • Make a plan, take some action, try somethings

Tony’s Action Plan

This is the plan that Tony used.

  1. Wrote down everything (absolutely everything) that he could possibly want in a relationship and everything he didn’t want in a relationship (he wrote 6 pages)
  2. Crossed out everything that wasn’t a MUST, that he wasn’t really passionate about
  3. Made a list and defined who he have to become to attract this person and to have this person want to be with him for the rest of his life (this is the powerful list)
  4. Went to work on himself to become this person, he began to own himself and his qualities
  5. Read these every day for several months, then gradually read every week or two
Being Ready for a Relationship
Tony Robbins

Here is another fantastic video by Tony & Sage on this topic.

Attracting Your Ultimate Relationship
Tony & Sage Robbins