Superstructures require Substructures

Superstructures can only be built on strong substructures. Substructures are the most important structure.

Ever seen a construction hole for a skyscraper? They are dirty, messy, noisy, slow-going, costly and often met with unexpected foundational issues. In the same way, the process of building substructures in our lives is often slow, painful, messy and filled with unexpected issues, events and setbacks. To the degree we are willing to dig deep in our own lives is directly proportionate to the height we can rise to.

Rather than working on the fruit in our life, spend the majority of our time working on our roots, for a strong good root in good soil will continually and effortlessly bear good fruit.

Those things that were once major events in my life are now barely blips on my radar. – Tommy Barnett

Keep growing in both directions, up and down. Learn to enjoy the journey.